We invite you
to experience authentic
Mediterranean cuisine.


Inspired by the tranquility
of the ocean and the allure of a Moroccan courtyard



Gambas al Ajillo
৳ 850

Olive oil, chopped parsley, chopped garlic, diced tomato and bread crumb.

Tortilla Chicken Souvlaki
৳ 850

Homemade tortilla with tzatziki sauce, french fries and marinated chicken in greek style.

Traditional Greek Moussaka
৳ 630

Baked nilanjana covered with minced beef and béchamel sauce.

Mushroom Rissoto
৳ 700

Mixed mushrooms with rice served with parmesan cheese and parsley.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine
৳ 1750

Lamb with Moroccan herbs, cayenne pepper, saffron, honey, flaked almonds, dates & dried apricots.

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Chef Damjan Danilovic comes to
Bangladesh from Belgrade, Serbia.

He has accumulated culinary experience over the past 11 years.
He gained his training in Parma, Italy and Belgrade.